Our Products Range

Automotive oils include engine oils, brake fluids, gear oils & coolants. These oils are used to lubricate moving parts in engines & gear systems, as hydraulic fluids in brake systems and to dissipate the excess heat produced in the engines of automobiles.

Industrial oils include pump oils, metal working oils, electric equipment oils, textile machinery oils and general industrial equipment oils.

Speciality oils are tailored made according to the requirements of the customer. Each label under this category serves a unique purpose in a specific industry.

Our Process

01. Define Objectives

Motorol is optimally staffed with experts who posses the relevant range of skill sets. We believe in fostering innovation through the alignment of critical departments such as production, logistics, finance, sales and customer service to ensure that our business is conducted n a fair and progressive way.

02. Develop a Plan

Our rigorous research and development based on customer expectations enables us to develop products that meet all their requirements. Our team of professionals with more than 2 decades of experience in product analysis and development involve in regular interactions with our customers to closely simulate and study our product performance on -site and under practical working conditions.

03. Implementation

After all the research and development, our next phase is to implement it which results into Motorol oils. When compared to the conventional oils offering, our products give the same level of performance. Our oils help in improving the performance of your engine, saving your money and reducing the carbon footprint.

04. Monitor Results

Our products re developed in laboratories and have undergone extensive testing. Our products have also been through full-scale trials on vehicles.


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