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QUANTUM LUBRICANTS E.A. LTD is a leading Manufacturers of Automotive, Industrial and Specialty lubricants under the brand name MOTOROL.

QUANTUM is a fledging organization that took its first few steps 47 years ago in India. Over the years QUANTUM has aligned ourselves geographically and strategically along with the ever evolving demand base to become one of the most trusted names in the international lubricants market.

Today, QUANTUM operates in 3 strategically located plants based in Ras Al Khaimah – UAE serving the Middle East, Gujarat – India catering to the Indian Sub-continent and in Nairobi - Kenya serving the East and Central African markets.

QUANTUM is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization seeking to maintain the highest standards of quality with international approvals from reputed bodies that include: The American Petroleum Institute (API), Daimler for Mercedes-BenzMan Trucks & Buses and Volvo Group Trucks Technology for Volvo, Mack and Renault Trucks.

QUANTUM's product range includes:

  • Industrial Lubricants - Hydraulic Oil, Soluble Cutting Oil, Industrial Gear Oils, High Temperature Grease, Compressor Oil, Wire Drawing Oil and Aluminium Rolling Oil.
  • Automotive Lubricants - Engine Oils, Automotive Gear Oils, Transmission Oils, Brake Fluids, Coolants & Greases.
  • Specialty Lubricants - Calibration Oil, Mould Release Oil, Printing Ink Oil.

QUANTUM is delivers premium quality, competitive pricing and customer focused service.

Our Products Range

Important Achievements

Our engine oils are certified and approved for use in Volvo, Renault, Mack and Mercedes Benz engines.